Our Alpacas



High Plains Kilauea’s Neriah is one of our two mothers, with Nick being her cria. She is seven years old and is definitely the boldest of the bunch. She can usually be found either munching on grass or cause some sort of trouble – being completely independent. Nevertheless, she is a good mother to Nick, and will soon be carrying another cria to be born next year.


Silent Valley Nick is Neriah’s cria (currently 5 months old), and he certainly picked up her attitude. When we first met Nick, he was just a few days old and we instantly fell in love. He would let you sit down next to him and gently pet him. Fast forward to today, he is curious and adventurous, also being the most open to people.


Silent Valley Helaina is our second mother, with her cria being Hinara. Helaina is the oldest, being 14 years old, and is very shy and timid. She is typically around the crias and hates being on her own. She is the most amazing mother, and is so protective of Hinara. Helaina is also going to be carrying another cria soon who will be born next year.


Silent Valley Hinara is Helaina’s 5 month old cria and this sweet little girl has a mind of her own. She is pretty cautious, like her mom, but when the camera comes out, it is a completely different story. This cria was born the model and is definitely not camera shy. When Hinara is not on the runway, she is likely leaping through the grassy fields.