Our Dogs


This good boy is the reason we can sleep soundly at night. Ozzy is a Great Pyrenees puppy we got from a rescue back in October. It has been quite a journey with him, but he is finally gained a healthy weight and learned how to be behave around the livestock. He is very loyal and protective, especially of “his” alpacas. He guards them 24/7 and we are so grateful he came into our lives!


Rose is our little livestock guardian in training. She is a Maremma Sheepdog and is named after Rosetta Hills as she is also our first breeding dog, who will be ready to have puppies of her own in about 2 years! Rose is such a sweet and curious puppy who’s energy never seems to run out. She is slowly learning how to be with alpacas and birds, but for now, all she wants to do is play with Ozzy.